Outside Tension Adjustment: it is easy to adjust the tension via Tension Knob.

Automatic positioning and re-try functions: to secure the strap goes to its’
proper position and every cycle is accurate and efficient.

Controlled by P.C. Board with multiple functions.

ABS Dispenser.(Optional)

Basic functions are as same as JN-85E.

with CKD frame and powder painting on frame.

Change color on iron arch cover, front doors & frame is available.(Optional)

Arch Size :
850W x 600H mm (Standard)
(Aluminum arch cover)

Power Supply :
110V/220V 1 Phase;
220V/380V/415V 3 Phase

Strap Cycle Speed :
28-30 Cycles / Min. (60HZ)
(It depends on the package size)

Tension Strength :
Max. 70 Kgs

Strap Width :
6-15 mm (Change kits and adjustment)

Sealing Method :
Heat Sealing

Dimensions :
1400Wx 640D x 1475H mm (Standard)

Table Height :
805 mm

Machine Weight :
220 Kgs

Available Packing Size :
100-825W x 30-580H mm