Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapper Pallet SIAT F1

F1 is a Semi-Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper.

The versatile solution for most common pallet wrapping needs.

The F1 model is a semi-automatic machine for the palletized loads wrapping with stretch film: with the possibility of adjusting of film tension by mechanical / electromagnetic brake or mechanical / powered prestretch, gradual turntable start, manual or automatic cycle and possibility of top & bottom film layers.

Key Features
•Platform diameter: 1500 mm
•Max pallet height: 2100 mm
•Max loading weight: 2000 Kgs
•Different sizes as option
•Belt driven carriage
•Film carriage with clutch (mechanical or electromagnetic – EM/M/FM) or prestretch (mechanical or motorized up to 200% – SM/LP)
•Safety switch under film carriage
•Ability to pitchfork the machine from two sides for easy relocation
•Pallet height photocell
•Adjustable carriage speed by Inverter
•Turntable speed adjustable by Inverter/ Soft Start & Fix Stop
•Top & bottom independent film layers reinforcement
•Hinged column to turntable frame to facilitate machine installation and mobility
•Gearmotor to keep the table locked during pallets loading/unloading

•Platform diameter options: 1500 mm HS (1200 Kgs max) / 1650 mm (16) / 1800 mm (18)
•Extended column (H) for pallets up to 2400 mm
•Integrated weighing system
•Burial frame
•Photocell to detect black film or colored film
•Electric panel heating kit for working temperatures between -5° and +5° C
•Stainless steel version (wash-down)
•Safety fences and anti-intrusion barriers
•Access ramp

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