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Established in 1988.

25 years of Experience.

Experts inPolyester Strapping. Plastic Strapping Tools & Steel Strapping

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We are supplying Steel/ PP Strapping, hand and machine grade

It started modestly as a small trading company supplying Steel/ PP strapping, hand and machine grade to cater all customers in the southern region of Malaysia. SOIMIN also provide simple tool from rack and pinion hand operated tensioners and sealers for Steel and Plastic strapping with various seals, clips and corner guards in the beginning.

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SOIMIN grows from strength to strength providing a goal to all valued customers till today selling high end pneumatic tensioners and sealers, pneumatic combination tools as well as fully automated strapping machines for Steel/Polyester and PP strapping. In addition SOIMIN manufacture strapping seals, serrated seal and seal to suit customers’ applications.

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We have a team of trained technical experts today after 25years that enable to service all types of strapping tools with all the spares provided for replacements purposes.

SOIMIN will undertakes the best to supply high quality materials and tool products from Europe, mainly France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. In Asia from China, Taiwan and Korea as well as Japan

We act as agents and sole distributors like Fromm, Teknika, Samsung,YBICO, Transpak and Ripack Shrink Gun.

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