The A380 is used mainly in the timber and construction material industry. The massively constructed tool is characterized in particular by its reliability in shift work and with continous operation under the most rigorous conditions. It is produced in four tensioning levels. It is recommended to use the tool in suspended mode.

Strap qualities:
Regular duty (Uniflex), up to 850 N/mm²
High tensile (Ultraflex), up to 1100 N/mm²

Strap dimensions:
12.7 – 25.0 x 0.50 – 1.00 mm, ½ – 1 x .020 – .040″

Tension versions:
4500 N, 6500 N, 7500 N, 9500 N

Sealing type:

16.9 kg / 37.3 lbs


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